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cable assemblies

Our production of cable assemblies according to your specific requirements and specifications via mechanical assembly means you save a lot of work and time: we provide you with everything from a single source.

system supplier

Are you developing high-quality electronic products in your company, but have few resources for procurement, assembly, testing, etc.? Concentrate on what you are really good at. Create innovations with your ideas and rely on us as a reliable system supplier when assembling the device.



A custom cable assembly is an essential part of any electronic product. With our expertise and experience, we will make your cable assembly a perfect solution for your needs, on time and safely. Our cables are assembled and assembled by experienced technicians and meet strict quality standards.

Cable assembly references

Production possibilities cable

1500+ materials in the range

crimping technique

For sealed plug systems, fully automatic seal assembly is available in all production plants - of course integrated into the fully automatic machines. Of course, all fully and semi-automatic machines are equipped with appropriate crimp force monitoring systems from Steinel, KMF or SLE.


soldering technique

Our fully automatic machines are consistently equipped with twisting and tinning stations, so that we can offer pre-tinned wire ends at low cost! Of course, we also offer you further work in the field of soldering technology. This means that we solder our cable sets according to your needs with printed circuit boards, stamped parts, micro switches, etc. manually or using robot soldering stations, depending on the application.

Why should you choose us?

frequently asked Questions

  • How quickly will I receive an offer?
    You will receive an offer from us within 24 hours at the latest.
  • What are the delivery terms?
    We deliver each of our orders via DAP, i.e. free of charge!
  • What are the minimum and maximum quantities?
    We manufacture CNC parts on behalf of the customer - and they determine the dimensions, accuracy, surface quality and also the batch size. This starts with individual pieces and has no upper limit for large series. We can easily handle large quantities thanks to the optimal equipment of our machine park.
  • What materials can Technology GF process?
    In principle, we machine or process almost any machinable material. The focus is on stainless steel, aluminum and plastics. Non-ferrous metals such as copper or bronze and all other machinable materials are also possible.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    The standard delivery time is about 4 weeks! For more complex orders or special materials, the delivery time may vary - please inquire!

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